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Benoplast offers packaging solutions to a wide network of industries to facilitate the transportation and storage of products

With the sinergy of wide experienced staff in its 80.000 sqm modern production plants and 30.000 sqm plastic raw material recycling facility Benoplast Group targets to be known as a preferred brand name in national and global market by creating a working environment that is based on mutual trust.

Benoplast is the pioneer of its unique innovative ideas for the needs of the local and international sectors it serves, is always one step ahead with its modern products.  By the blend of its competitive cost structure, ambitious investment strategies, original and functional designs, Benoplast has provided  innovative packaging solutions to many brands since its establishment 2005. 

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In the process of being corporate and multinational company, Benoplast has contributed to the competitiveness of the brands and sectors it serves by means of its “unique designs for specific usages” understanding with its wide product range, dynamic and high performance in national and international markets.

Main product categories are; variety of foldable and standard Euro boxes with special covers, perforated deck&closed deck nestable, stackable and rackable plastic pallets, 4 feet, 2 or 3 skids plastic containers and special packaging solutions for various sectors.

Moreover, Benoplast is not only a leader producer in its sector but also a renting/pooling and recycling company who is targeting to reduce carbon foot print and protects the environment.
In addition to being identified as an environmentally friendly company with the many social projects involved the company will maintain its leadership position through its outstanding service approach and its facilities and offices that are equipped with the latest technology.

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