FineChem products at RosUpack 2022

A spool of double sided PET tape, a spool of PE foam tape and others

Fine Chemical Manufacturing Co. produces double sided or single sided tapes with almost 20-year experience. The company produces under ISO9000 management system. Its tapes' quality complies with AAMA, REACH, ROHS and UL certifications.

The main products are shown on the pictures. Among them you can see spool of double sided PET tape and
spool of PE foam tape.

FineChem at RosUpack 2022FineChem products at RosUpack 2022China at RosUpack 2022spool of double sided PET tape at Rosupack 2022spool of PE foam tape at RosUpack 2022

RosUpack 2022
7—10 June
Crocus Expo

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