Key packaging industry trends unwrapped: customisation

We dive in to find out more about customisation in the packaging industry

An important way in which the packaging industry is advancing is its increased customisation in many stages of the supply chain. This has shown to be much needed in reducing packaging’s carbon impact, increasing efficiency and ultimately helping to sell more products.

There are plenty of ways packaging and packaging production has embraced customisation, here we look further into two of the most prominent.


Remember Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign back in 2013 where you could find a bottle or can of coke with your name on?

This is personalisation and it’s gone mainstream.

From Snickers to Marmite, Lay’s to Budweiser, personalised packaging has hit the shelves across the world.
New research from Packaging Innovations and ThePackHub suggests demand for personalised packaging is becoming the norm and is increasingly being integrated into brands’ marketing strategies. 66% of surveyed professionals said that packaging personalisation is something they’re currently implementing or considering. On top of this, 89% said they believed this trend will only increase over the next two to three years.


Personalisation connects with customers and makes them feel like the product was made just for them, which boosts customer engagement, brand awareness and ultimately sales.

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is reported to have grown sales 4% in the markets it ran. Following this, digital printing has been adopted in Coca Cola’s digital marketing strategy with the ‘Coke Extraordinary’ and ‘Share a Coke and a Song’ campaigns.

Flexible packaging sizes

Another key way in which packaging is being customised is its size.

As e-commerce rises to new heights, demands on packaging sizes are diversifying. Companies are learning that product standardisation is no longer the key to high efficiency and performance.

Whereas stock keeping units have traditionally been standardised and repacking products at a later stage i.e. for promotional packs have been the answer, being flexible with stock keeping units is becoming key to providing a versatile offering and streamlines the production process.

Further along the supply chain, transportation packaging is also being customised. With an ever more discerning public who are well-aware of environmental and waste issues, customer-facing packaging has become a PR issue. Flexible sizes are vital in avoiding backlash from customers who, for example, receive small items such as ear-plugs or cosmetics delivered in vastly oversized boxes.

In this instance, flexible packaging sizes make perfect sense in terms of efficiency of energy and costs.

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