YMCUP at RosUpack

YMCUP is the first and only representative of the cardboard cup industry in Turkey

YMCUP supports its customers with world-class machines, customer satisfaction principles and spare parts guarantee. YMCUP has adopted the providing quality products and services to its customers at the right time, at the right place and at the right price with its professional staff, in accordance with the developing dynamics of the world economy, with an effective and contemporary understanding since its establishment.

Оборудование YMCUPУпаковочное оборудование YMCUPОборудование YMCUP на RosUpack 2022

YMCUP, which expands its product range day by day, continues its investments rapidly with the happiness of producing products that are sensitive to human health and environment by following technological developments closely. YMCUP, which sees innovation as the key to sustainable success, considers every new day with a new perspective and attaches importance to innovation activities with this awareness.

RosUpack 2022
7—10 June
Crocus Expo

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