RosUpack Matchmaking System

Quick Start Guide for Exhibitors

Launch date of RosUpack Matchmaking System is 1 month before RosUpack show

Find the email with all your credentials

Click on “Login”

Or login using email and badge/registration ID.

If you did not receive this email, contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

STEP 2. Once logged in, go to the section ‘Profile’ and make sure your profile is all up to date: upload a picture, enter your personal information and summary.

Having an updated profile will allow you to get more meaningful connections.


STEP 3. Create your “Teams” and invite your team members


STEP 4. Go to the section ‘Network’ and review the different features

· Recommended for You: Review and take action on the recommendations we have made you. Here are the different actions you can take on people:

a. Skip: you are not interested by this person

b. Interested: you are interested and want to spark a conversation

c. Meet: you want to request a meeting with that person

  • Interested In You: See the people who have showed interest in you
  • My Connections: Once you have a mutual connection with someone, a meeting or mutual interest you will be able to open a chat with them in this section
  • My ‘Interested’ List: See a list of people who you have showed interest in
  • My ‘Skip’ List: See a list of people who you have skipped


STEP 5. Go to the tab ‘Schedule’ to see a recap of your schedule: events your RSVP’d and Meetings

My Schedule: Access a recap of your schedule: meetings and events you have RSVP’d to


STEP 6. Go to the tab “Teams” to use the different features available as a “Team”: meeting delegation, inbound leads lists etc.

  • Meetings: Recap of all the meetings you and your team have requested or scheduled for your company
  • Smart Calendar: Generate a team calendar link to send to your clients
  • Inbound Leads: Access a full list of leads interested in your company, team members
  • Contacts: View the list of all your event connections, people with which you or your team have a mutual connection: meeting or mutual interest

Team Members: See your team members profiles, edit them and invite additional team members to start networking

Company profile: View and edit your company profile: logo, description, stand number

Export: Export a CSV file of your meeting schedule and connections


For any questions regarding the RosUpack Matchmaking desktop platform and/or App please contact:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Here is a link to our FAQ articles for any general enquiries: