Event Director presents RosUpack and Printech 2023

From 6 to 9 June the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre (Crocus Expo IEC) will host the 27th International Exhibition for packaging industry RosUpack and the 8th International Exhibition of equipment, technologies and supplies for print and advertising production Printech. Sergey Ditev, Director of Exhibitions, talks about the preparation of the country leading events

– Sergey, what new features will the exhibition present to exhibitors and visitors this year?

The exhibitions will open in a little over a month. As the organizers, we hope to please our visitors.

RosUpack exhibition is the most important packaging exhibition in Russia, showcasing modern packaging and recycling technologies. These will enable companies to better compete in a changing market, meet the increasing demands of owners, and guarantee speed and accuracy with high delivery volumes.

Visitors to RosUpack will be able to see and discuss the latest packaging materials and equipment with industry professionals, find ready-made packaging or labels for both food and non-food products, discover trends in packaging design, and find the right packaging solutions for e-commerce and logistics. find the right packaging solutions for e-commerce and logistics.

In addition, the exhibition will host over 20 conferences and sessions within the business program. Traditionally, we will hold a large-scale PART Award, a prize in the field of packaging design and production.

For the first time the RosUpack exposition will be expanded by equipment and materials for the pulp and paper industry. The exhibitors will include such well-known companies as Global Chemical, BKT-Service, Pigment, Ambica Paper Machineries, Ecosure Pulpmolding Technologies, Su-Tantra Equipments, Ashoka Rolls manufacturers and many others. This exposition will complement Raw Stock and Materials, one of the largest sections of RosUpack. This year it will be attended by Archangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, Baltic Pulp, Kama, PTsBK, Ilim Group, Karelia Pulp, MTsBK, Pavlovo-Posad Corrugated Paper Mill, Selenginsk Paper Mill, SFT Group and many others.

Self-regulatory organisations (SRO) Association «League of Waste Paper Processors» will be co-organizer of the Forum of producers and consumers of pulp and paper products. For the first time on the 7th and 8th of June RosUpack will bring up such important issues as energy efficiency and eco-technologies for the pulp and paper industry, and creating and managing a green economy on the example of the pulp and paper industry. We have been raising the issue of environmentally friendly packaging for 5 years at RosUpack, and the new event will contribute to improving the environmental situation in the pulp and paper industry.


The RosUpack exhibition team strives every year to create innovations to increase the visitors' interest in the exhibition.

The new events of the 2023 business program will be: Panel session «Practical implementation of digital textile printing», Focus session «Packaging in the ecological coordinate system in the Russian Federation», Workshop «Technological and industrial cooperation with China».

– Is there a foreign presence at the exhibitions?

Yes. Today more than 700 Russian and foreign companies confirmed to participate in RosUpack and Printech. 30% of the participants are international companies. The most representative in terms of area will be the Turkish exposition, and by the number of companies – the Chinese.

There are also European companies not ready to refuse Russian buyers and managed to exhibit their products.

– How many Russian companies are participating in exhibitions this season?

More than 500 Russian companies in 9 sections will participate in RosUpack this year. These include permanent exhibitors: ASD, Belorusskiye oboji, Bobst, Danaflex, Gotek, Jockey Plastic Mogilev, Komus-Packaging, Nissa-Centrum, Novaroll, Protek, Rusal, Segezha Group, Terem, Tauras, and others.

Also a variety of new names: Atlantis Pack, Concept Cross, Myasnoy Olympus, Nord Pack, Markia, Spekr Line, and others.

The RosUpack attendees will demonstrate both time-proven packaging solutions and present new ones. So, Carton Service Severo-Zapad will show a unique material for the Russian market: corrugated cardboard with barrier properties. One of the layers of this material is covered with polyethylene or foil to improve the strength and resistance to moisture and grease. Perint Company will present the original square gravy boat, which is more convenient for delivery than the traditional round one.

The Indian Cosmo Films will introduce a synthetic paper, a durable and water-resistant replacement for traditional paper. It can be used for printing labels, tags, cards, and menus.

The exhibition of equipment, technologies and materials for printing and advertising production Printech always sparks increased interest among visitors. The exhibition will be held simultaneously with RosUpack in Pavilion 1, Exhibition Hall 2. Thanks to the renewed participants, the Printech exhibition will offer Russian companies, including packaging manufacturers, advanced technologies for digital printing and converting, labeling, coding and marking. Visitors can talk to suppliers about specific needs and tasks that require substituting European printing equipment and materials.

The Printech 2023 participants include: Armex, Balacron, Bereg, BigPrinter, Global Printing Systems, Hannekard, Vneshmaltigraf, Klejelatinprom, PK LBS, Markia, MTP Polygraph, Polygraph-Service, RIG, Russcom-Grafix, Smart-T, Spektr-Line, Terem, and others.

– How do industry organizations support these exhibitions?

National Packaging Confederation (NCPack) has been the key partner of RosUpack for many years and will traditionally co-organize the Forum of Package Manufacturers and Consumers this season. The following events will take place on the 6th of June: Expert and analytical session «The influence of economic and political factors on the Russian packaging industry», Plenary session «Corrugated packaging and cardboard and paper packaging: condition, trends and prospects for development», and Plenary session «Polymer packaging: condition, trends and prospects for the industry».

RosUpack 2023

This year the exhibitions have both new exhibitors and new international partners. Exhibitions are actively supported by the ASD (Turkey) and IKMIB (Turkey) associations. Ms. Aslikhan Arican, General Secretary of the Turkish Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, will participate in one of the key plenary sessions of the business program and make a speech.

We should also mention the exhibition partners among the exhibitors. Ilim Company is the General Partner of RosUpack 2023, PTsBK is the Official Partner of the exhibition, Megaflex is the Partner of the Label sector, and Novo Packaging BB has confirmed its status as the General Partner of the exhibition business program.

– RosUpack has always promoted innovation in the packaging market. The Prize in the field of packaging design and production contributes greatly to this. Will it take place this year?

Yes, certainly. The PART Award, an annual international prize in the field of packaging design and production, for 9 years now brings together passionate individuals and professionals who are ready to offer innovative developments in the field of packaging and packaging materials. Winning PART Award confirms the status of the packaging industry leader, and is a strong reason for owners when choosing packaging for their goods. Every year we receive more than 90 applications in a wide variety of categories. The Award has 14 nominations.

This year, in addition to the professional jury evaluating the samples and choosing the best of the best, we have great news for young and talented professionals. This year, the partner of the Student Concept nomination is the Solnechnogorsk Packing Plant (SOEMZ). They established a cash prize for the best idea and will offer a chance to adapt the project and obtain finished product samples, as well as to visit the SOEMZ plant with a tour. That is why in the very first month of submitting applications this nomination broke through to the leaders by the number of applicants. The PART Award stand will be traditionally located in the Exhibition Hall 4 (Pavilion 1) of RosUpack exposition, and everyone will be able to see various contest samples from leading industry companies.

– Do you have any new services or «features» for professionals at this year's exhibitions?

We always have news to tell the market. This exhibition season, RosUpack is launching the RosUpack Connect industry community. This is a dedicated web platform for business communication and sharing news, expertise and analysis, enabling profile online events and business meetings, as well as access to expert information from partners and participants of the RosUpack exhibition.

RosUpack Connect community aims to help industry professionals establish and maintain business contacts, communicate all year round, be aware of what's going on in the industry, and promote their companies' products and services. We plan to engage extensively all industry players in the RosUpack Connect business community: exhibitors and visitors, local and international companies, the media, and business unions.

RosUpack exhibition

During the exhibition, we will introduce the audience to the community, tell them more about the platform, and introduce the employees who have already become part of the exhibition team. RosUpack will have a new content area for filming interviews with packaging industry experts. Meetings with interesting and anticipated speakers will continue all four days! Be sure to come to the venue to keep up with the latest ideas and trends! The studio will open its doors to the public (Pavilion 2, Hall 7): everyone is welcome to attend.

– What would you wish for the market players?

Please visit our exhibitions! This year RosUpack has expanded the area and geography of the exhibition and hired new team members to make these 4 days of business party even more impressive, rich and brilliant for all the participants, visitors and partners. My main wish to all professionals in this fast-paced period is to be aware and be prepared! Use all opportunities of the exhibition to find new suppliers, increase the networking, learn about new projects, to develop and thrive in today's realities, to be ready to exceed the expectations of owners, and to excel in your business! And RosUpack will always serve you and your success. See you at the exhibition!

RosUpack and Printech exhibitions will be held from 6 to 9 June 2023 at Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilions 1 and 2.

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