RosUpack 2024 — Benefits of the Exhibition Venue

RosUpack Exhibition is relocating to Pavilion No. 3 of the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre due to the expansion of scope and the participants huge demand for space, which was evident even in the 2023 rebooking results.

In 2023, 746 companies from 19 countries and 51 regions of Russia participated in RosUpack, and 30,474 specialists from 79 regions of Russia and 51 countries of the world visited the Exhibition. These figures set the record in the history of RosUpack spanning 27 years, and proved that the Exhibition is in very high demand in terms of both participation and visiting!

In 2023, the RosUpack and Printech exposition was located in Pavilion No. 1 of Crocus Expo and outside the pavilion, where the participants demonstrated warehousing equipment and machinery.

Due to the high demand existing even before the 2023 Exhibition, the RosUpack team faced a deficit of space, and this February it was decided to add another exhibition hall in Pavilion No. 2 to the exposition.

As a result, RosUpack and Printech achieved tremendous success in five halls of the two pavilions and complemented the exposition with the outdoor showing for the first time in the past 8 years.

RosUpack 2024
Benefits of the RosUpack Exhibition Venue

New exhibition records and high efficiency became the basis for expansion of RosUpack 2024 exposition. The Exhibition will take place in Pavilion No. 3 of the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, where the total area is larger than that of Pavilion No. 1.

This article describes the benefits of the venue to be available for the participants in the next year.

Benefits of Pavilion No. 3

RosUpack is the largest international event in the packaging industry in Russia and the CIS countries and will take place June 18–21, 2024 in Moscow in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

  1. Extensive area.

Every hall of Pavilion No. 3 is larger in terms of the available area — 60,000+ square metres in total — meaning that even more companies, both domestic and foreign, will be able to take part in the Exhibition and pick the most suitable locations for their stands.

  1. Increased allowable building height.

Compared to other pavilions, Pavilion No. 3 allows for construction of higher structures. This means that the participants will be able to expand and upgrade their stands to attract a larger target audience.

In 2024, the permissible stand height will be 6 metres.

  1. Hall layout.

All halls of Pavilion No. 3 are divided by mobile partitions, enabling an organic merging of expositions located in adjacent halls to implement the ‘single space’ concept.

The Exhibition visitors will not have to travel complicated routes to move between adjacent halls, which will lead to an increased coverage of the audience. This space layout will enable the participants and visitors to comfortably study the exposition, and will allow for an increase in the Exhibition visitor density.

  1. Improved business event facilities.

The exhibition halls inside Pavilion No. 3 will feature business event areas located at the centre of the Exhibition and its activities. The conference rooms of open spaces have been a point of attraction for the Exhibition business event visitors, participants, speakers and moderators for many years. The beautiful open spaces can seat 150+ guests simultaneously, and feature a huge 12+ metre digital display aiding the presentation and perception of content in the halls.

  1. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

These tools will enable the participants to spread the word about their companies before and during the Exhibition. You will be able to enhance the marketing effect of participation, and obtain additional opportunities for promotion of your company on the market.

the 28th International Packaging Industry Exhibition

The Exhibition participants will have access to:

  • Sponsorship packages (taking the newly available space into account)
  • Advertising spaces unavailable in other pavilions
  • Use of Pavilion No. 3 facilities for advertising during the Exhibition
  • Placement of ads in the outdoor area of the Pavilion and much more.

The RosUpack team is continuously developing and improving the event’s capabilities available both for participants and visitors.

Join RosUpack 2024, the 28th International Packaging Industry Exhibition!

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