Unveiling Packaging Market Trends: What Insights RosUpack Conference will explore

The RosUpack 2024 business programme has been curated to ensure that the content is relevant and remarkably intriguing and engaging to packaging industry professionals. Through meticulous research and keen insight, the sessions will resonate deeply with every attendee, promising an unforgettable experience at RosUpack 2024.

In two months, the 28th International Exhibition of Packaging RosUpack will take place. More than 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, raw materials and finished packaging will present their products to a specialist audience.

This year, hundreds of representatives from the packaging industry shared their insights into the manufacturing and business challenges and trends that needed to be explored. These insights guided the conference programme, which will provide delegates with a platform to explore the latest trends in packaging and learn best practices from key industry leaders.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the brightest minds and visionaries in the world of packaging at RosUpack 2024. Immerse yourself in the heart of innovation, where cutting-edge technology meets real-world expertise from global leaders and brands. Together, we'll explore the most compelling topics shaping the future of packaging.

RosUpack 2024 business programme
RosUpack 2024 business programme

From the sustainable materials that are redefining our industry to the latest trends in equipment and technology, get ready for an unparalleled exchange of ideas and insights. Sessions will explore:

  • Packaging market trends in the current geopolitical environment
  • Import substitution of equipment and components for packaging production
  • Innovations in the packaging industry: successful cases
  • Automation technologies in packaging production
  • Raw materials for packaging production: problems, solutions and industry perspectives
  • How can the cost of packaging production be reduced without losing quality?
  • ROP law: What? Where? When? The law's impact on the packaging industry. Transition to mono materials in polymer packaging
  • Disposal and recycling of packaging waste. Recyclable materials and their utilisation
  • What is biodegradable/recyclable/sustainable / eco-packaging, and what are its prospects in Russia?
  • International co-operation: Central Asian countries, Middle East

Whether you're a packaging professional working on food & beverage, wholesale and retail, pharmaceutical, non-food customer products, or simply a packaging enthusiast, these sessions are crafted to enrich your knowledge and skills.

Get a ticket to RosUpack 2024 and use it to attend the events of the conference programme free of charge. RosUpack will take place from 18 to 21 June.

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