6 top facts about RosUpack 2024: what to expect from the exhibition?

We share statistics and innovations from the industry`s premier business event.

RosUpack offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers of products and services, new business contacts and offers, demonstration of novelties and a rich business programme. The exhibition, which will be held from 18 to 21 June at Crocus Expo IEC in parallel with Printech 2024, occupies five halls in pavilions 2 and 3.

RosUpack 2024

RosUpack 2024: facts about the exhibition

Fact #1. A diverse and rich mix of participants.

Over 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and finished packaging will be showcasing the latest equipment and services for the development of the industry.

The participants will include both Russian companies and foreign representations from 13 countries. Among them: "Ilim Group", Comitas, Segezha Group, Danaflex, "Gofro-Technologies", "APPM", "ArchBoom", "Molopak", "Novo Packaging BB", "Petrobumaga", "PCBK", "Nissa Centrum, HD RUS, Megaflex Printing House, Noblelelift Rus, Camozzi Pneumatica, Azimutprint, ECI PACKAGING LIMITED and many others.

RosUpack 2024
RosUpack 2024

Fact #2. Meetings with leading specialists of industry companies.

RosUpack 2024 is set to welcome more than 35,000 industry professionals, including CEOs, business owners, commercial directors, marketers and senior technologists from a diverse range of sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer and industrial goods, as well as wholesale and retail.

The exhibition provides a unique platform for businesses to engage with a multitude of potential partners and customers through meeting and various other networking events. The RosUpack Connect App allows you to schedule meetings with exhibitors and top managers of exhibiting companies.

Fact #3. High buyer potential of the audience.

The exhibition attracts professionals and large company representatives alike, with 34% of company representatives having a purchasing budget of over 50 million roubles.

61% of visitors influence purchasing decisions, with over 70% representing individuals in management positions at various levels.

Fact #4. Extensive exposition area.

Exhibitors have taken more than 63 thousand square metres of exhibition space at Crocus Expo IEC.

This proves that RosUpack has grown by more than 60% and all sections have grown in line with the general trend. RosUpack 2024 will showcase the very best of what the industry has to offer, from cutting-edge technologies and equipment to finished packaging and warehouse solutions. There will be a host of new companies showcasing their wares in the labelling sections, and plenty of exciting novelties on show in the gift and transport packaging section. We’re also delighted to announce an exposition of new exhibitors in the pulp and paper equipment and materials section.

The RosUpack and Printech expos will take place in Pavilions 2 and 3 of Crocus Expo IEC.


  • Hall 5 – Printech
  • Hall 7 – RosUpack, Label sector
  • Hall 8 – RosUpack, sectors "Packaging Equipment", "Packaging Processing Equipment"


  • Hall 14 – RosUpack, sectors "Equipment for packaging production", "Raw materials"
  • Hall 15 – RosUpack, sectors "Ready-to-Wear Packaging", "Warehouse Systems", as well as PART Award stand

Fact #5: A collaborative atmosphere.

The exhibition format offers unparalleled opportunities for business discussions with top management and meetings with current and potential clients or customers in just four days.

To help exhibitors and visitors to maximize their particpation, the exhibition team has developed the Leadscan contact exchange service, a new functionality in the business community. This service is provided free of charge.

By downloading the RosUpack app, it will allows companies to collect visitors' contacts instead of business cards, and visitors can save a selection of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as catalogues of their products, directly to their phones.

The service will also be able to upload the entire contact database at the end of each day of the exhibition. The process is fully automated, saving you time and resources.

Register in the Community early:

RosUpack Connect

Fact #6: The business programme takes place on all 4 days.

Each year, the exhibition is accompanied by a rich conference programme. The RosUpack and Printech conference programme team spent several months studying the interests of the audience to make the events interesting and relevant this year.

Over a thousand people were interviewed and expressed their "pains" and preferences. Thus, taking into account the opinion of hundreds of subject matter experts, the conference programme is also formed, within the framework of which all visitors will be able to find the necessary cases and solutions.

RosUpack 2024
RosUpack 2024

The curated conference programme will be rich and address the challenges within the industry. The programme includes both sessions of traditional partners of the business programme and new areas: on labels and marking, adhesives and inks, procurement and specifics of working with colleagues from China, workshops on calculating the cost of printing and many other formats.

All these topics are the answer to the demand of the audience of RosUpack and Printech exhibitions. Come and visit the exposition and listen to the industry experts.

We look forward to seeing you at RosUpack 2024!

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