SODALTECH at RosUpack 2024

SODALTECH from India is proud to be an exhibitor at RosUpack 2024, the 28th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry.

Established in 1970, SODALTECH, a brand of K.U. Sodalamuthu & Co Pvt. Ltd., stands as a leader in the manufacturing of Paper Conversion and Pulp Moulding Machinery.

Pulp Moulding Machinery

SODALTECH’s Pulp Moulding Machinery is designed for efficiency and sustainability, to convert waste paper into value-added Moulded Pulp Products like egg trays and cartons, fruit trays, and high-end industrial packaging products. The machinery uses recyclable paper pulp, reducing environmental impact. The Thermoforming Machinery converts Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Sheets into Tableware Products like Plates, Cups, Bowls etc. Features include automated processes, high output rates, and the ability to produce a variety of shapes and sizes to meet different packaging needs.

SODALTECH at Rosupack 2024

Paper Tube and Core Machinery

The Paper Tube and Core Machinery offered by SODALTECH is engineered for precision and durability. These machines are capable of producing paper tubes and cores with consistent quality, essential for various industrial applications. Key features include adjustable settings for different diameters and lengths, high-speed production, and energy-efficient operations.

Composite Can Machinery

SODALTECH’s Composite Can Machinery is built to manufacture strong, versatile composite cans used for consumer goods packaging. Features of this machinery include customizable sizes and designs, robust construction for long-term use, and integration with automated systems for seamless production processes.

Textile Paper Cone Machinery

The Textile Paper Cone Machinery from SODALTECH is specialized for producing high-quality paper cones used in the textile industry. These machines offer precise control over dimensions, ensuring uniformity. Additional features include user-friendly interfaces, minimal maintenance requirements, and high production speeds.

SODALTECH at Rosupack 2024

Paper Edge Protector Machinery

SODALTECH also provides Paper Edge Protector Machinery, essential for producing edge protectors used in shipping and storage. Features include high-strength construction, the ability to handle various paper grades, and options for different protector sizes and shapes to meet diverse packaging needs.

Fibre Drum Production Line

SODALTECH offers Fibre Drum Production Line in two variants namely “Convolute Winding and Spiral Winding Process”. The production line is highly versatile to produce Fibre Drums of various diameter and height with auxiliary equipment such as Ring Fixing Machine, Lid Fixing Machine and Disc Cutting Machine.

SODALTECH also offers highly advanced equipment to produce Square Paper Drums.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

With ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certifications, SODALTECH ensures compliance with International Quality Standards. Their Machinery is installed in over 70 countries, supported by a global network. Their approach focuses on reliable, advanced Machinery that supports sustainable packaging solutions.

SODALTECH at Rosupack 2024

Global Reach and Support

By empowering businesses to produce sustainable packaging, SODALTECH contributes to a greener future. Their advanced Machinery helps Companies transition to environmentally responsible practices, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability in packaging. With over 900 installations worldwide, they have a proven track record of supporting businesses in adopting eco-friendly packaging solutions. With Sales and Service Centers located in Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, Uzbekistan, and Russia, they ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction. SODALTECH looks forward to sharing their expertise and innovative solutions at RosUpack 2024.

Visit stand D2115, Pavilion 3, Hall 14.

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